Dekalb Amberlink Chickens

This past summer, we aquired 13 dekalb amberlink hens for egg laying purposes. Being a beginner to the chicken world, I found this breed of chicken to be easy to handle, doscile, and friendly. They love to free range, and are tame enough for anyone to walk up to them and pick them up, even if they are loose in our yard.

Although they were described as mainly white with a few brown feathers, only one of our hens has the brown coloring--the other twelve have a few cream feathers mixed around their necks and back. Here is our darkest dekalb amberlink hen, Snaggle-Tooth:

Our hens lay light brown to warm brown colored eggs, with an eccelent rate of lay. We see some eggs with light speckling occasionally. During the warmer months, we get one egg from each chicken every day. In the winter, this rate drops a bit, with each hen missing a day every other week or so. All in all, we recieve 75-91 eggs every week from our 13 hens. Not bad!

As you can see, our amberlink's eggs aren't very uniform in coloring. Each hen lays a bit different egg, but this was most noticable when they first started laying.
I would recommend this breed of chicken to anyone looking an easy to care for hen that lays an abundance of brown eggs.


Sunshyne said...

I have been trying to figure out the breed (and gender lol) of one of my chickens, and I definitely think I have found it! lol

You have a lovely little flock!

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